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Your Digital Marketing Team

Our team members set us apart with their warmth, enthusiasm, and expertise.
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Linda Girard

Co-founder & CEO

Linda co-founded Pure Visibility in 2005 with a burning belief that SEO was going to be something big. Her passion for her field and extensive experience, as well as her relentless positivity, are a boon to all she works with, and she leads her team to consistently provide results that are both meaningful and measurable. Linda is a frequent speaker, author, and widely-recognized expert on internet marketing.


Steve Loszewski

Paid Search & Analytics Lead

With more than 10 years experience in paid search advertising, Steve has a keen intuition for what works, backed by a straightforward and data-driven approach. He has managed all aspects of AdWords campaigns for clients of every size and industry—from start-up to Fortune 500, housing to healthcare. He maintains several industry certifications and has contributed to books and authored articles on PPC best practices.


Tarun Gehani

SEO Lead

Enterprising and forward thinking, Tarun sees opportunity everywhere for our clients. His multidisciplinary background spans more than 10 years and fosters his holistic approach to SEO. He has helped institutions such as General Motors, Delta Faucet, and the University of Michigan increase traffic, leads, and sales. Tarun is active in several industry organizations, and is a regular contributing author on the topic of digital marketing.


Alicia Zeluff

Client Success Manager

Alicia guides her projects with a calm and steady hand. She excels in clarity and precision, and is a grounding force for the entire team. Her warmth and friendliness make her a welcoming point of contact for many of our clients. But, she also loves the detailed, analytical side of the business, and acts as SEO analyst on several projects, as well as our local search expert.


J.V. de la Fuente

Project Manager

Through his experience working with Fortune 500 companies, start-up ventures, and everything in between, J.V. brings a wealth of business and marketing wisdom to the table. His philosophy is to transform client challenges by looking at them through the lens of business objectives and strategies. This sage methodology contributes directly to the value we add to every client engagement.


Ben Cohen

Project Manager

If you want something done, ask Ben. In fact, he’s probably already working on it. Coming from the fast-moving entertainment industry, Ben keeps a pace seldom seen here in the Midwest. As producer/photographer at NBCUniversal, he learned to thrive under immense pressure and still ensure every project is on point. Always ready for the next challenge, he’s a go-getter with a smile, and a team cheerleader to boot.


Cynthia Kazanis

Digital Marketing Analyst

Cynthia combines a passion for marketing with her background in data management to find the story behind the numbers. She manages several paid search accounts and provides social media monitoring and analytics. Cynthia draws on her MBA research, focused on customer engagement and business-to-business partnerships, to help foster exceptional client experiences.


Katie Gerweck

Content & Outreach Specialist

Katie is on a mission to make connections. With a degree in PR, she’s able to tease the long-tail value out of a story and skillfully craft desirable content that relates a client’s message to the bigger picture. Personable and authentic, she excels at media outreach. When it all comes together, she connects the right information to the right influencer at the right time, making good things happen for all.


Cathy Colson

Creative Lead

Cathy started designing websites in 1996, and hasn’t stopped. While formally trained in fine art, her experience runs the business-creative gamut: graphic design, web design, illustration, branding, messaging, copywriting, and creative direction. At the core, Cathy is fundamentally pragmatic about her work—she’s a creative problem-solver who loves the challenge of making something beautiful, cohesive, and purposeful out of whatever is thrown her way.


Mike Loszewski

Business Development Manager

With an award-winning career in sales, spanning more than 25 years, Mike is truly our business development guru. He sets the pace with best practices for achieving aggressive sales goals and serves as a sounding board for new business initiatives. Mike’s guidance and expertise are an invaluable resource, and his efforts are instrumental in driving the company forward.


Emily Levi

Account Manager

When it comes to business development, Emily has tackled everything from small start-ups to Fortune 100 giants, but she makes everyone she works with feel like a VIP. Her kind nature and eagerness to find common ground balance a no-nonsense, go-get-‘em attitude honed in the biz dev trenches of New York’s fashion scene. With more than 10 years account management experience, and a focus on customer satisfaction, Emily is ready for anything, including your call.



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