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April’s Biggest SEO News, SEM Updates, and Social Media Buzz

Ever feel like you can’t keep up with Facebook’s newest analytics tools and features? Worried about discovering a new Google algorithm after it’s too late? We’re here to help. Every month, the ever-dynamic field of digital marketing experiences shake-ups. We track and take note of the most important ones to share here.

Whether they inspire you to adjust your social media strategy or contact a PPC consultant, these stories will help keep your digital presence timely, trendy, and even profitable.

Top SEO Stories

Top Search Engine Optimization News Stories

Google Announces Similar Items Schema for Image Search on Mobile

Search Engine Land

What you need to know:

Schema, a system of structured data markup for webpages and everything on them, has long been a valuable SEO tool for quickly telling Google what’s on a page and earning placement in rich search engine cards—making your search presence more visual and engaging. Now with new schema for Google Images, your photos and products can appear in mobile, click-motivated searches for similar—or even competitor—products. Just make sure your site’s offering are already thoroughly marked up with Product schema, including name, image, price & currency, and availability meta-data, and Google will do the rest!

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Google Now Lets You Submit Urls for Indexing Straight From Search

The Next Web

What you need to know:

Shortcuts are everything for practicing SEO, and now one of Google’s most important tools for start-up websites is only a search away. By Googling “submit URL to Google,” a handy box will appear right at the top of the search, allowing any searcher to submit a desired URL for Google to index. While the option is still available through Google’s Webmaster Tools, this prompt, user-friendly addition allows for more convenient indexing that’s as easy as browsing the weather.

7 ‹Title Tag› Hacks for Increased Rankings + Traffic – Whiteboard Friday

Moz Blog

What you need to know:

While everything in SEO seems to change daily, website title tags rarely waver in their relevance. Google’s ranking weight on title tag length and content may vary and come into question—just this month they confirmed that all caps don’t induce penalties and special characters are ignored—but an SEO practitioner will often recommend title tag edits in the first stage of site optimization. Why? As the first searcher-facing part of a webpage, a title tag will always have to be good enough to persuade click-through. Moz’s compiled list highlights some of the best tips. In short:

Use numbers, use dates, keep it 50–60 characters, research synonyms, have a call-to-action, analyze top referring keywords, and ask questions.

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Top SEM Stories

Top Search Engine Marketing News Stories

Google AdWords Introduces Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

Search Engine Journal

What you need to know:

Remarketing is a powerful tool for guiding consumers through a sales funnel. By using cookies to display ads only to those who have previously interacted with your brand, you can build a relationship and convince purchases they may have forgotten or were reluctant about. And now with Google’s Similar Audiences tool for Search and Shopping ads, you won’t even need to earn those precious cookies to earn equally precious visitors. Similar Audience lists uses the search history of your collected cookie users to search out un-cookied users with similar histories and automatically add them to your list.

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Bing Ads Editor Gets Review Extension Support, Better Keyword Import & More

Search Engine Land

What you need to know: 

Each month, Bing Ads gets ever-closer to matching rival AdWords in terms of features. This month, the platform added easy adding, editing, managing (including third-party reviews) and sharing of Review Extensions across campaigns; the ability to automatically sort keyword matching levels based on import formatting; and the ability to auto-adjust bid modifiers when creating remarketing audience associations. As Bing Ads continues to grow more robust, we have to remind ourselves and PPC campaigners alike: don’t count Bing out for your paid search campaign!

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Here’s a Script to Stop Ads from Showing Next to Offensive Videos

Search Engine Land

What you need to know: 

Google has been losing a lot of big advertisers—and for arguably good reason. After ads automatically appeared next to controversial videos, the advertisers pulled out of the service. In an era beset by headlines of fake news and hate speech, display advertisers may want to be cautious about where viewers may be drawing unconscious brand associations. Thankfully, the folks at Search Engine Land have developed an AdWords script to keep your PPC display ads out of any potential flame wars, by excluding your ads from YouTube videos with very high dislike to like ratios.

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Top Social Media Stories

Top Social Media Marketing Stories

Introducing LinkedIn Matched Audiences

LinkedIn Business

What you need to know: 

The expanding possibilities of remarketing don’t stop at search and display ads, either. LinkedIn has introduced a trio of robust targeting features to the Matched Audiences segment of its advertising services. Advertisers wishing to reach LinkedIn’s vast audience of professional networkers can now engage in remarketing to reach previous website visitors, account targeting to reach only employees who work at desired companies, and contact targeting to reach specific email address holders. All it takes to do these is a secure list upload, so if you’ve done your research on valuable prospects, a LinkedIn ad may be the best way to reach them outside the white noise of search and display.

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Snapchat Rolls Out Self-Serve Platform for Its Vertical Video Ads

Marketing Land

What you need to know:

Advertising on millennial-friendly social networking platform Snapchat just got more user-friendly than ever. The app just rolled out Snapchat Ad Manager, an open, self-serve interface where anyone can buy Snapchat video ads. This removes the previous need to contact Snapchat affiliates or use third-party services to connect to the app’s advertising service. So if you’ve ever wanted to advertise in an app where adventurousness and excitement are practically a user requirement, there’s no more need for hesitancy!

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How In-Stream Video Ads on Twitter Help Marketers Tell Their Story

Twitter Blog

What you need to know:

Twitter says it best: more people are more video on mobile devices than ever before. That’s why social platforms like Twitter itself keep rolling out new options to capitalize on digital natives’ video-savvy. The once microblogging, now multimedia zeitgeist social media website has rolled out in-stream video ads that appear in Twitter’s explosively popular video live streams of news, sports, award shows, and more. As Twitter also announced recent plans to debut live TV in its streams, these ads may be the best way to reach cord-cutting consumers who are leaving traditional television services in droves.

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