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SEO Case Study: How an E-Commerce Company Increased Keyword Rankings by 50%

An experienced SEO team can enable your website to perform its best by prioritizing your marketing efforts and optimizing the content most likely to rank and convert.

An industry leader approached us to stand out in a crowded marketplace

The StampMaker is a leading manufacturer of custom rubber stamps, embossers, office signage, and related accessories. As an industry leader, The StampMaker already ranked well for thousands of keywords but wanted to further improve its web presence to drive more online sales. They approached Pure Visibility about a custom SEO strategy that could help them stand out in the competitive ecommerce marketplace.

We used a comprehensive approach, starting with a full SEO audit

Our SEO audit pinpointed exactly what SEO tactics would be most effective at improving the website’s current rankings and driving more qualified traffic. We uncovered a number of technical issues common to ecommerce websites — including URL duplication and improper canonicalization — and worked with their developers to implement fixes, and then turned our attention to content and on-page SEO.

Identified High-Impact Pages

Because we wanted the largest return on investment, we identified and prioritized pages that would benefit most from our efforts to drive more sales.

Optimized Content Strategy

We focused on optimizing and expanding existing content on category and core-to-business pages, while also creating new category pages and blog posts as needed to fill content gaps.

Measured and Tracked Success

We analyze data and provide actionable insights to continuously optimize your project and drive better results.


Our strategic SEO strategy boosted visibility

With a solid technical SEO foundation in place, and high-performing content at every stage of the marketing funnel, The StampMaker saw significant improvements in just over a year of working with Pure Visibility.

increase in total keywords
increase in page rankings

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