Meet our team of digital marketing specialists.

Our team members set us apart with their warmth, enthusiasm, and expertise.

Pure Visibility’s friendly team of marketing experts is committed to providing data-driven results through SEO packages and digital advertising plans. We work closely with your team to reach your goals and communicate success at all levels of your organization.


Linda Girard

CEO & Co-founder

As a young marketer in the late 1990s, Linda had a passion for the internet. Particularly, how a novel area of expertise called search engine optimization could level the playing field for small business. In the early 2000s, she took the plunge and started her first business as an SEO consultant, launching a career that would span two decades and cement her status as a pioneer in the industry.

In 2005, Linda went on to co-found Pure Visibility, which at the time was one of fewer than a handful of SEO-focused agencies in the state. Over the years, Linda and Pure Visibility have been recognized with many industry and business awards, including 2007’s Best Small Business by Michigan’s SBDC, one of 2008’s Top 10 Michigan Business Women, by the National Women Business Owner’s Association, and Entrepreneur of Distinction by Corp! Magazine in 2010. Pure Visibility was also among the first agencies in the country to be certified by Google and later among the first awarded Premier Google Partner status in 2017.

Linda’s enthusiasm for her field, extensive experience, and relentless positivity are a boon to all she works with. She leads her team to consistently provide results that are both meaningful and measurable. Linda is a frequent speaker, author, and a widely-recognized expert on digital marketing. She’s never bored with her industry and is inspired by all that is yet to come.

Steve Loszewski

Paid Search Director

With more than 15 years experience in paid search advertising, Steve has a keen intuition for what works, backed by a straightforward, data-driven approach, and topped with a sprinkling of dry humor. He has managed all aspects of Google Ads campaigns for clients of every size, shape, and industry—from start-up to Fortune 500, housing to healthcare. He maintains several industry certifications and has contributed to books and authored articles on PPC best practices.

Google Ads, Google Analytics, Microsoft Advertising

Tarun Gehani

SEO Director

Don’t let his disciplined approach fool you, Tarun sees opportunity everywhere. He undertakes SEO as a strategic, end-to-end process, not just the application of tactics. And, he carefully dissects each possible solution with a pointed, “why?” As part of this methodology, Tarun led the development of our Visibility Audit because he knows you can’t get anywhere without first knowing where you stand. Tarun develops and leads many of our workshops and is an active speaker on all things SEO.

Google Analytics, SEMRush Certification for SEOs, HubSpot Inbound Marketing, more.

Natalie Adams, PPC expert

Natalie Adams

Senior Paid Search Strategist

Since the dawn of Google Ads, Natalie has been helping businesses get the most from it. This desire to maximize ROI is fueled by her pure devotion to data. It is data that illuminates her workday like a sun and inspires her to obtain ever-greater return for our clients’ ad budgets. With more than 15 years experience in all forms of PPC—from search to social—for all sorts of business—from B2B to ecomm—she can shed light on any campaign’s performance and nurture it to shine.

Google Ads, Google Analytics

Erin Piper

Paid Search Specialist

Erin came to Pure Visibility after spending seven years at Google where she managed and advised strategies for tier one ecommerce advertisers. She’s a certified Google Partner, also fluent in using Analytics data to influence paid search strategy. Outside of PPC, she has managed projects for social strategy, site design, and SEO. Before she became a search guru, Erin worked as a leasing consultant for McKinley Properties, so she has hands-on experience working on site at apartment properties.

Google Partner

Katie Gerweck

SEO Content Strategist

Katie is on a mission to make content count. As our expert in content optimization, she knows SEO tricks are no substitute for solid information that meets user needs. Her research-driven approach combines audience insights and skillfully-crafted copy to build content strategies that cut through the clutter and relate our clients’ messages to the bigger picture. When not working her magic for our clients, Katie contributes regularly to Pure Visibility’s digital marketing blog.

HubSpot Content Marketing, HubSpot Inbound Marketing, HubSpot Social Media, more.

Nathaniel Smith

Digital Marketing Specialist

Since the start, we’ve been trying to stump Nathaniel. We’ve assigned him every sort of digital marketing task imaginable, and he’s quickly conquered them all. He is remarkably agile at extracting meaning from intricate layers of data. As such, he plays a major role in our SEO audits and has been key in developing our unique methodology for analyzing and scoring content. With a sharp wit and eagerness to tackle anything, Nathaniel is an asset to every project he works on.

Michele Demers

Client Operations Manager

If getting things done were a sport, Michele would take the gold. Her background running research projects has been high-intensity training for her brain—her ability to wrangle multiple, complex initiatives is second-to-none. Her secret? She knows you can’t attain elite performance without a solid process. Developing processes is her passion, and hers keeps our clients’ campaigns on the track to success.

Jackie McClelland

Project Manager

With more than a decade’s experience in digital marketing, our Jack(ie) of all trades has done it all—from managing search ads, to writing optimized content, to crunching the analytics. And she’s done it for businesses of every size and sector. This breadth of insight means Jackie knows how to keep your project on track. She loves taking a deep dive into a business’s purpose and goals, so she can help guide the strategy that will help them grow.

Mike Loszewski

Business Development Manager

With an award-winning career in sales, spanning more than 25 years, Mike is truly our business development guru. He sets the pace with best practices for achieving aggressive sales goals and serves as a sounding board for new business initiatives. Mike’s guidance and expertise are an invaluable resource, and his efforts are instrumental in driving the company forward.

Emily Levi

Account Manager

When it comes to business development, Emily has tackled everything from small start-ups to Fortune 100 giants, but she makes everyone she works with feel like a VIP. Her kind nature and eagerness to find common ground balance a no-nonsense, go-get-‘em attitude honed in the biz dev trenches of New York’s fashion scene. With more than 15 years account management experience, and a focus on customer satisfaction, Emily is ready for anything, including your call.

Divya Mehta

Marketing Manager

It’s pretty much impossible to knock Divya off balance. She is a master multitasker, in every aspect, and thrives on the challenge. With an MBA under her belt and a background in the fast-paced industries of pharma and high-tech, she’s learned to soak up information like a sponge and put it to good use, quickly. Outside of her professional life, Divya likes to keep her skills sharp by traveling the world with her three small children.

HubSpot Inbound Marketing, Hubspot Marketing Software, SEMRush For Digital Agencies

Mira Heaney

Marketing Associate

When it comes to social media, Mira is your girl! Due to her undying fascination with social media marketing, she is aware of every trend, on every corner of the internet. Her experience in marketing, social media, and public relations, on top of her recent degree in Advertising Management, keep her on her toes in the constantly evolving industry.

Carolyn Bisby

Human Resources Manager

With more than 20 years of experience in HR and Administration, Carolyn knows what it takes to make HR a strategic part of our business. With structured ideas and execution, she is focused on creating the best environment for the team. Triage is her specialty coupled with a ready sense of humor! Carolyn is ready for any issues that may arise in the day-to-day HR operations.

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