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ECommerce Ann Arbor presentation: data management for maximum SEO impact

Pure Visibility’s Search Engine Optimization Lead, Jeremy Lopatin, presented at eCommerce Ann Arbor on August 20, 2012. Jeremy shared some real examples on how to maximize your search engine visibility for e-commerce. He also gave time to the audience to ask their own questions about performing SEO for e-commerce sites.

As is often the case with SEO and with presentations about Google’s services, one item in the agenda was out of date by the time the presentation rolled around! Specifically, Google Merchant Center feed optimization was rendered moot by Google’s transition from Merchant Center to Google Shopping earlier this summer. While product listing data is still important, it requires different approaches in the new system–specifically it’s a paid search/advertising model rather than an SEO/organic listing.

After that summary, Jeremy explored the fun and rich world of microdata markup, which allows websites to hold additional context on their information. The microdata most relevant to the e-commerce setting can be found at schema.org/Product. Examples include:

  • product rating data and reviews
  • product specifics such as: brand, manufacturer, model

The talk also covered strategies to detect and squash duplicate content in product descriptions, and then pointers for getting the most from Google Webmaster Tools.

Missed the presentation? Here are the slides!

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