• Traffic Analysis

    Reviewing traffic patterns helps us understand how visitors interact with your website. We look at all the sources driving traffic to your website (not just organic) and how visitors engage once they’re on it. We also compare these levels to your competitors, to uncover gaps or opportunities to level the playing field.

  • Technical SEO

    Technical SEO is the foundation of a strong website. The health of your website’s code and performance can directly impact your organic visibility. We see what technical issues are helping or hindering Google’s ability to properly and efficiently crawl and index your site’s pages, and how your content presents in search.

  • Content Audit

    content is one of the top three ranking factors for Google. Our audit looks at the content that is performing the best on your website (based on keywords, links, and conversions), as well as the pages that need improvements. We pull data straight from Google Analytics and Google Search Console to get insight into actual visits from the keywords you’re getting impressions and clicks from, and layer on top keyword and performance data from some of the top SEO tools available.

  • Backlinks Audit

    The quality and quantity of backlinks (links pointing from other websites to yours) demonstrates authority to Google and is another top three ranking factor. Our backlink audit evaluates the relevance and growth of your backlink portfolio and uncovers any issues that may be hindering your ranking potential such as a high amount of broken backlinks or a lot of low-quality links coming from irrelevant referring domains.

  • Mobile-Friendliness UX

    Mobile-friendly websites are prioritized by Google in the search results. We check to make sure your website is properly optimized for mobile, and that users can easily navigate and convert. This includes an analysis on Google’s Page Experience metrics, including Core Web Vitals.

  • Analytics Review

    Google Analytics provides useful information about the visitors who come to your website and the ROI of your marketing initiatives. This part of the audit evaluates whether Google Analytics is properly configured and tracking relevant goals. We not only evaluate pageviews and channel sources, but also site engagement metrics like average pages per session, time on page, bounce rate, and conversions.

  • Local SEO Audit

    Strong local SEO not only helps brick-and-mortar businesses stand out for location-based searches, but can also positively impact organizations that compete on a local level, even if your customers don’t walk through your doors. We check that your website is optimized for local search, and that your top local listings such as your Google Business Profile and Yelp business pages are following best practices. 

  • Competitive Analysis

    A look at top SEO metrics like keywords, estimated traffic, and backlinks lets us know how you compare to your competitors and uncover new opportunities. We also perform a keyword gap analysis and link intersect report to get a better understanding of where your competitors are focusing their efforts with keyword targeting, content development, and off-page SEO efforts such as their link building strategy.

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