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Social Media Marketing

With social media, marketing opportunities are endless (and seemingly effortless). Ensure your endeavors actually pay off.
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It’s easy to send out a post or tweet whenever you need to get the word out, but treating social media like any other marketing channel means missing out on the enormous value, and ROI, it can provide.

Unlike other forms of mass media, social media is often compared to a conversation. And just like a conversation, it doesn’t work if you’re the only one talking. There are four basic aspects of social media participation:

  • Broadcast: quickly and easily get your message right to the people who want it.
  • Listen: find out what your market is talking about, keep tabs on what your competition is saying.
  • Participate: join in conversations that are relevant to your business and brand.
  • Respond: respond directly to your market—foster positivity, repair negativity.

A strong social media strategy balances all of these aspects to reinforce brand experience as well as complement and strengthen other marketing efforts. Social media is also especially effective for bolstering your website’s organic search optimization. Not to mention, everything on social media is measurable and trackable, which is absolutely key for knowing whether a campaign is converting, and ultimately calculating ROI.

Social media leads to long tail engagement for international food company.

Facebook advertising decreases cost per lead for IT software provider.

The Next Big Thing: Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is fast outpacing other forms of paid internet advertising in effectiveness. The reason is its unparalleled ability to segment and target an audience. All that information users provide, from completing their profile to their daily status updates, can in turn be used to create very specific target audiences: location, education, age, family, jobs and skills, events, group memberships, hobbies and interests, and much more. 

Social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and LinkedIn all offer extensive resources to help businesses effectively reach their users. We can help you choose the appropriate medium for your message and craft fine-tuned social media campaigns that produce extraordinary ROI.

Our Social Media Expertise

Our social media experts see the medium as a tool that can be used to tackle real-world business problems, not just drive buzz. As a result, we believe social media marketing can, and should, provide significant ROI.

We have successfully put social media to work for businesses in a variety of industries, including multinational and Fortune 500 companies.

Social media is fast-paced—our experts eagerly stay on top of the tricks and trends of the trade, as well as the latest offerings and their potential for our clients. But we also love sharing our knowledge: we curate the top news in the field through our monthly newsletter, and regularly offer training in social media marketing and advertising.

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