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Website Analytics

Know exactly what works (and what doesn’t). Your bottom line will benefit when expert analysis guides your digital marketing efforts.

Using web analytics tools, like Google Analytics, is absolutely essential to any digital marketing effort. Their capacity to provide actionable insights on how users interact with a website is almost limitless. But, they are very complex services—knowing how to extract and compile the appropriate data can be tedious and overwhelming, and understanding its implications is certainly easier when you have an experienced eye.

We rely on good analytics to guide all of our digital marketing strategy:

  • Knowing what keywords your visitors are using informs SEO strategy.
  • Seeing how visitors interact with your site highlights UX issues.
  • Understanding which campaigns convert guides PPC budget allocation.
  • Monitoring traffic sources can show how offline campaigns measure up to digital ones.
  • Tracking bounce rates and time on site can advise content creation and conversion optimization.

But the power of analytics is amplified when metrics like these are overlaid and tracked against business goals. Only then can you calculate the true return on your digital marketing investment.

“The biggest benefit of working with Pure Visibility is that we have more traffic visiting our site every day, and we are monitoring conversion rates to make sure that traffic is productive. Being able to track our online efforts, turn those leads over to our sales force, then see the increase in sold products is very exciting.”

Attendance on Demand

Putting It All Together: Analytics Reporting

Our clients’ business decisions are aided by detailed analytics reports we provide on a monthly or quarterly basis. Our reports are visual and informative, outlining website and campaign performance and recommending next steps for continuous improvement. We deliver multi-tiered reports for enterprises with multiple business units. We also provide training and support, enabling our clients to manage analytics and reporting in-house.

Our Analytics Expertise

We are driven by the data. Each of our team leads has at least 10 years experience extracting insights from website analytics.

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