Our most popular digital marketing posts of 2019

As the year comes to a close, we want to thank our readers and subscribers for their continued interest in our take on digital marketing. We’ve shared lots of great insights on our blog this year, so we are recapping our top 5 posts of 2019:

#5 Post of 2019

There are a lot of misconceptions about how SEO works and the value it really provides. We’ve heard everything from how it’s inferior to PPC for driving traffic, to how SEO plugins are all you need anymore, to the flat out assertion that it just doesn’t make a difference. Spoiler alert: none of these things are true. If you aren’t getting the results you think you should from SEO, it’s probably not SEO that’s the problem, but how you’re doing it. Check out this highly-informative post to learn why.

#4 Post of 2019

Based on Tarun Gehani’s informative presentation from WordCamp Ann Arbor, this in-depth post outlines the unique challenges facing ecommerce websites when it comes to SEO. We outline SEO best practices as they apply to ecommerce and identify pitfalls common to the industry, as well as what to do about them. As a bonus, we’ve included the slides from Tarun’s presentation for download.

#3 Post of 2019

When it comes to SEO and content, tactical tips and tricks will only get you so far, especially if your overall strategy is lacking. In our third most popular blog post of 2019 our content expert, Katie Gerweck, helps you get strategic with a walk through on performing a competitor analysis using popular SEO tools. She’ll show you how to dig up good data on your competition and interpret what it means for your overall content strategy.

#2 Post of 2019

Ok, technically this post is from 2018, but it went live in late December, so it didn’t really pick up steam until 2019. Since then, it’s become one of our most linked-to blog posts! And for good reason: our SEO Director, Tarun Gehani, runs through a comprehensive list of his favorite tools for performing an SEO audit, including his top four must-have SEO tools.

#1 Post of 2019

Google My Business (GMB) is such a powerful (and free) tool for business, we are always eager to share tips for using it. This year, our post on configuring a GMB account for multiple locations really struck a chord with our readers and has quickly become our #2 blog post of all time! In her detailed write-up, Katie Gerweck walks you through the various ways you can manage a multi-location business with GMB, depending on the number of locations and manager(s) you have to run them.

If you’re looking for more information on how to use GMB to its fullest, check out our tutorial on using Google Posts (which also includes our Optimizing GMB tip sheet) and keep an eye on our upcoming monthly digital marketing workshop schedule for our semi-regular topic Takin’ Care of GMB.

2019 Bonus Post

While the blog post announcing our ebook may not have made the top 5, downloads for the book indicate that Don’t Lose it!, our free guide to redesign SEO, is one of our most popular pieces of content from 2019. And it should be! This 60-page resource is packed with everything you need to know to mitigate the traffic loss commonly associated with a website redesign and relaunch. Our Marketing Director, Cathy Colson, rounded up the insights from our past blog posts on redesign SEO then expanded and repackaged them into one comprehensive resource. With more than two decades of experience in website design, she is pretty passionate about getting the word out: you don’t have to lose traffic when you relaunch!

You can learn more about redesign SEO in these other posts from our blog:

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