A recount of my first month at Pure Visibility

It’s exciting to say, with conviction, I made it through my first full month at Pure Visibility.  To the hearty veterans in this line of work, this is nothing more than a small blip on the radar of milestones.  Being excited about milestones, no matter how small, gives me a chance to quantify my experiences.  Within just one short month, I’ve learned a vast amount about general SEO strategies and PPC consulting.  I am not a stranger to the demanding world of analytics within the marketing field, but I’ve realized this past month how much I enjoy Paid Search Management, in large part due to the “scientific” feeling behind the methodology.  It’s a bit like watching an organism grow.  After setting up a campaign, we monitor, over time, the content to gain an understanding of what works best to keep the campaign sustained.  From there, we optimize for maximum growth.  The option to automate this process exists, but it’s intriguing how human manipulation of the account drives better results most times.

I could geek out about the details of my job for hours, but I’ll spare you the novel and move on to the next great part of my position at PV: writing.  My opportunities to write and QC content are above and beyond what I imagined when interviewing for the position.  It’s not a new concept by any means, but as an analyst, I never thought I’d land a position that offers pats on the back for writing about what I love or find compelling.  Cooperating with individuals who value your writing skills is truly a breath of fresh air. Posting and monitoring our social media platforms falls under this category as well.  As stated before, I’ve found it’s easy to gauge my level of success by “quantifying the experience”, in this case, utilizing the metrics on our pages.  I’m proud that my work has helped increase our visibility and engagement over the course of the month, however, I’d still like to strive for even better numbers in October.  There’s definitely an ebb and flow to what posts receive attention, so it’s my job to find the patterns and adapt accordingly.

In conjunction with my work, I’m blissfully happy about the daily opportunities to collaborate and joke around with the PV team (I kid you not, at the moment I have “make a JibJab Halloween video with everyone’s faces” on my to-do list).  I joked earlier today about our status as the “Justice League” of marketing, but there’s some truth behind it; each member provides a noticeably large (and superbly diverse) impact on the day-to-day operations.  I’m grateful for the encouragement and positive energy permeating this office, both in person and online.

Overall, It’s been a fantastic month, full of new interfaces and new smiling faces.  Can’t wait for more to come!