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Considering a website redesign?

Think you have nothing to lose? You can damage your online visibility if you relaunch without safeguarding your optimization.
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Each year, almost a third of our new clients find us in a panic after relaunching their website and watching their rankings and traffic plummet—or even disappear, entirely. The reason is almost always the same: the developers (no matter how experienced or well-meaning) did not preserve the successful elements of optimization from the old website.

Sadly, once the damage is done to your visibility, it can take months, even longer, to rebound. During this time, the effects on sales can be significant.

For a redesign to be successful, you need to fully understand what’s currently working on your website (and what’s not), before you make any design, architecture, or content decisions. You also need to implement the appropriate technical safeguards along the way, to ensure no traffic is lost during and after the transition.

We are experts in digital visibility. Our unique process involves a thorough Visibility Audit, which will identify your website’s strengths and weaknesses across a spectrum of digital marketing disciplines.

From there, we can help you create an action plan for your redesign and advise your development team along the way. We will ensure, not only that your online visibility is preserved during a relaunch, but that the new website is built to boost your rankings and traffic in the months and years ahead.

Visibility Audit Report
Visibility Audit Report

Lay the foundation for a successful website redesign and relaunch experience.

Understand what elements of your optimization and content strategy are effective, and what needs improvement.

Choose the right vendors for your redesign project.

Ensure developers take the appropriate steps before, during, and after relaunch, to preserve your online visibility.

Identify market gaps and opportunities for amplifying your digital presence.

Set appropriate digital visibility goals, strategies, and timelines to support your unique business objectives.

Protect your redesign investment

If you’re considering a large-scale website relaunch in the coming year, fill out our form for a preliminary assessment on your website’s fitness for a Visibility Audit for Redesign. We will let you know if your site is a good candidate, what you can expect from the audit, and how it will help you get the most from your redesign efforts.

Get a free preliminary review of your website.

Take 10 minutes and fill out our questionnaire. Find out if a Visibility Audit is right for your next redesign project.

Don’t delay—our capacity is limited.

Our Visibility Audits are very thorough. A majority of the work is performed by human analysts (not an automated system), and our recommendations are made by career digital marketing experts. As such, we have a limited number of audit slots available each month.

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