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Evidence-based Digital Marketing

We back everything we do with in-depth analytics and a wealth of experience in our field.
Pure Visibility / Evidence-based Digital Marketing

The term evidence-based usually applies to the healthcare industry, but we feel it perfectly encapsulates how we approach our work—it’s the intersection of our team’s expertise, our client’s business goals, and the best evidence (analytics) available that guides our digital marketing successes.

If any of these three elements do not overlap, there will be a gap in our ability to achieve desired outcomes. We can either broaden the spheres to encompass what’s needed—partnering with complementary agencies, realigning goals and budgets, or testing new techniques—or recognize that we aren’t the right fit for a particular project at the time.

Working with Pure Visibility

We are energized by the close, collaborative relationships we sustain with our clients. We truly think of ourselves as an extension of your marketing team—your goals are our goals. And we don’t consider a project a success unless we achieve significant ROI for your marketing budget. In fact, we are fully committed to the idea that our efforts should more than pay for themselves.

“I recommend Pure Visibility to anyone who really wants to separate the wheat from the chaff…to anyone looking for a scientific data-centered approach, to getting the outcomes they want to have online.”

MCCI Communications

Our Process

We’ve never been able to use the same strategy twice, and see no value in offering one-size-fits-all solutions. We always take the time to thoroughly understand your business and goals in order to develop a customized plan of action. As such, each project we tackle at Pure Visibility starts with a thorough digital marketing Visibility Audit.

The Visibility Audit paints a clear picture of the current state of your digital marketing efforts. It tells us what we’re up against when it comes to helping you accomplish your goals. Using its findings, we can then propose a detailed statement of work.

We divide our projects into three phases: discovery, implementation, and optimization.

These phases are not rigid, but ebb and flow into each other as work progresses. In many cases, our work for a client is ongoing—we continuously optimize strategies and campaigns to maximize ROI. But even the long-term optimization phase has an element of discovery throughout with regular analytics and reporting.

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