SEO and PPC for Healthcare Marketing: Increase Leads with a Data-driven Strategy

SEO and PPC can help you become more visible in competitive markets and drive qualified traffic to your website. 

Whether you’re an organization within healthcare or the B2B companies that market to them, our skilled team can create a data-driven healthcare marketing strategy that drives leads, sales, or patients to your door.

Pure Visibility is a healthcare digital marketing agency that works as an extension of your marketing team. Our SEO plans and digital advertising packages are structured to maximize your ROI — no long-term contract required.

SEO for Healthcare

Our SEO packages are a cost-effective and efficient solution to low rankings and organic traffic. Each six-month plan includes a dedicated project manager, comprehensive SEO Audit, and monthly block of hours for SEO tasks. We prioritize our recommendations in a detailed checklist to make the most impact and ensure your resources are not wasted with trial and error.

Pure Visibility’s team of digital marketing experts has experience working in the competitive healthcare industry. We have helped everyone from medical device companies to local dentist offices drive more qualified traffic to their websites to generate leads, improve sales, or encourage foot traffic.

PPC for Healthcare

Our digital advertising contracts include everything you need to quickly increase traffic to your website, without a minimum monthly commitment. All of our accounts are managed by career experts who take the time to understand your business and goals, rather than an automated system. 

Whether you use Google Ads to reach the most proactive searchers or take advantage of niche targeting through paid social media, our strategy is always focused on achieving the highest return on your investment. Our experienced PPC consultants understand how to market niche products, get in front of potential patients, and successfully navigate other unique challenges of the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Digital Marketing Resources

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