How a pharma sciences company boosted conversions 500% in five months with optimized Google Ads

Companies serving the healthcare industry can struggle to effectively target their PPC campaigns. Reaching these niche audiences through Google Ads requires marketers to test keywords, campaigns, and overall strategy so they can show up for relevant searches and drive qualified leads.

Unfortunately, internal marketing teams don’t always have the resources or expertise to devote to ongoing campaign optimization. In these situations, experienced PPC consultants can help identify opportunities you may not be aware of and optimize your campaigns for a stronger ROI.

Why PPC is important 

PPC is a digital marketing tactic that is used to drive more qualified traffic and sales in a short period of time, with online ad platform(s) that charge by the click. With 15% of all web traffic coming from paid search advertising, a well-optimized campaign can help you increase your online visibility and “own” more of the search engine results page, even if your website is already performing well organically.

Visibility is especially important for companies that serve the healthcare industry. B2B healthcare marketers are faced with the challenge of educating their audience about new technology solutions while also competing for attention in a growing, digitally-focused market. A solid understanding of your target audience and ongoing optimization is needed to ensure that potential customers find you online first.

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Optimizing a successful PPC campaign

Nuventra turned to Pure Visibility to optimize its existing campaign and achieve a higher ROI on its paid advertising. Although the pharma sciences company had a strong organic presence, they were unsure if Google Ads was a worthwhile investment. During our review of their existing campaigns, 50% of their budget was being used on a campaign with a high bounce rate and no conversions. To get results, they needed to take the campaign off autopilot and start optimizing. 

Our PPC consultants took on the challenge and began by thoroughly reviewing keywords with no conversions and high bounce rates to assess if the keyword should be paused, or if other strategies such as different ads or landing pages should be tested. Negative keywords were implemented to prevent paid visits from irrelevant searches, and existing keyword targeting was significantly expanded. 

With a new strategy in place to attract the right type of visitors, Pure Visibility began tracking quality associated with the leads to remove irrelevant forms and improve the quality of conversions. Adjustments were made to the campaign as needed to keep ads fresh and prevent lags in performance. 

After five months, Nuventra saw significant improvement compared to the previous period, with a 500% increase in conversions, and a 70% cost savings per lead.

Strategic campaign optimization can maximize your PPC return

Companies struggling with low-performing PPC campaigns shouldn’t throw in the towel. An experienced PPC analyst can help optimize your digital advertising and overall ROI.

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