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How a pharma sciences company boosted conversions 500% in five months with optimized Google Ads

Companies serving the healthcare industry can struggle to effectively target their PPC campaigns. Reaching these niche audiences through Google Ads requires marketers to test keywords, campaigns, and overall strategy so they can show up for relevant searches and drive qualified leads. Unfortunately, internal marketing teams don’t always have the resources or expertise to devote to ongoing campaign optimization. In these situations, experienced PPC consultants can help identify opportunities you may not be aware of and optimize your campaigns for a stronger ROI. Why PPC is important  PPC is a digital marketing tactic that is used to drive more qualified traffic and sales in …
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How a property management company signed 225% more leases with SEO and digital advertising

Property management companies often operate in aggressive markets. Properties face stiff competition for organic visibility and a higher cost to advertise online. These companies need to be both strategic with their digital advertising and follow SEO best practices to maximize their visibility in the search results. An experienced agency can help tailor your efforts for each property and make the most of your marketing budget. Why niche targeting is important Highly competitive fields can drive up the cost of digital advertising and make it significantly harder to rank well in organic search results. Companies worried about competing in an aggressive market can benefit …
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How a Property Management Company Boosted Leads for Rentals by 89%

Property management is a highly competitive industry, particularly in local markets like college towns. It can be difficult to cut through the clutter with a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign in these situations, especially with a limited budget.  This is where  PPC consultants who have the expertise to maximize a campaign’s potential can make a big impact. An expert can optimize a mediocre campaign to perform its best, with simple strategic tweaks, rather than a complete overhaul. Why PPC is important PPC is a digital marketing tactic that is used to drive more qualified traffic and sales in a short period of time, with online …
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How a National Childcare Brand Used Local SEO to Boost Inbound Calls and Website Leads by 50%

National companies can struggle with brand perception in local markets when a lack of community-specific information frustrates potential customers and creates a preference for hometown competitors. To address this, companies need to improve their presence by creating locally-focused content and making business information easily accessible. This optimization gives you a boost at the community level by helping you show up for local search terms. Local SEO meets people where they are Local SEO helps companies appear for locally-focused searches like “vegan restaurant ann arbor,” and “grocery store near me.” When you consider that 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information, …
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How an Ecommerce Company Used SEO to Outrank Industry Giants

Ecommerce companies face an uphill battle when it comes to online visibility. Amazon and other market leaders have strong domains and thousands of pages, making them hard to outrank in the search results. Because of these dominating Goliaths, small ecommerce companies are left to wonder if it’s even worth the effort to invest in SEO. Fortunately, there are SEO experts who understand the challenges of ranking in a highly competitive market, and know what you need to do to be heard and seen. An expert can optimize your website to perform its best by prioritizing your efforts and creating a keyword …
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How a Unique University Program Used a Strategic Google Ads Campaign to Drive 91% More Traffic

Innovative ideas can change the world — but only if people know about them. Companies offering new products or services often struggle to advertise online because no one knows to look for them yet. Fortunately, there are ways to use pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to drive awareness, even if you’re starting from scratch. Why PPC is important PPC is a digital marketing tactic that is used to drive more qualified traffic and sales in a short period of time, using online ad platform(s) that charge by the click. With 15% of all web traffic coming from paid search advertising, paid campaigns play an important …
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