How an Ecommerce Company Used SEO to Outrank Industry Giants

Ecommerce companies face an uphill battle when it comes to online visibility. Amazon and other market leaders have strong domains and thousands of pages, making them hard to outrank in the search results. Because of these dominating Goliaths, small ecommerce companies are left to wonder if it’s even worth the effort to invest in SEO.

Fortunately, there are SEO experts who understand the challenges of ranking in a highly competitive market, and know what you need to do to be heard and seen. An expert can optimize your website to perform its best by prioritizing your efforts and creating a keyword strategy that plays to your strengths.

Why invest in SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, involves the strategic use of a variety of specialized tactics, including keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and both technical and content optimization, to drive qualified traffic to a website by improving its organic (non-paid) rankings in search results. Organic search accounts for 53% of traffic share across industries, making SEO an important part of any marketing strategy.

SEO is especially important for ecommerce companies that face competition from industry giants like Amazon in the search results. Small companies are often discouraged from even attempting optimization, because they feel their efforts won’t matter. But the truth is, if you’re a small fish in the big ecommerce pond and don’t invest in SEO now, your future self will be losing money every day. Although it takes time and hard work, the SEO efforts that build over time —  such as strong content and high-authority backlinks — can help you take on the Goliaths.

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Taking on the Goliaths 

Lowry Solutions, a major supplier for Internet of Things (IoT) technology, came to Pure Visibility for help improving its profile in the industry. The company faced stiff competition from national wholesalers and mammoth ecommerce sites, such as Amazon. An SEO strategy was needed to boost its visibility in the search results. 

Our SEO experts took on the challenge by evaluating digital strategies used by competitors to find gaps and opportunities. We performed extensive keyword research and focused on desirable but less-competitive terms to help Lowry Solutions rank for more keywords on page one. An audit of the existing content helped us identify and prioritize pages with the most potential to maximize our optimization efforts.

Having a solid SEO strategy helped set the stage for ongoing success. In less than two years, Lowry Solutions outranked Amazon and other competitors for desirable non-branded terms. Its 500+ keywords ranking on page one helped drive 450% more organic traffic and contributed to a more than 300% increase in contact form submissions.

Strategic SEO can improve your visibility, even in the most competitive markets

Ecommerce companies can find significant success with SEO when they are willing to play the long game. Put in the work to optimize your website now, and you will reap the rewards later. A solid strategy that prioritizes your SEO efforts will help even the smallest ecommerce sites take on the industry giants and enjoy the revenue boost that comes with increased visibility.

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