Evolve your content strategy using Google Analytics RankTracker

What if Google Analytics could tell you every keyword for which your website was in striking distance of a first page or above-the-fold organic placement? Earlier this year, two very smart fellows in Internet marketing industry, A.J. Kohn and Justin Cutroni, described a great way to track organic keyword rankings using events in Google Analytics. It’s a very clever approach, one that I strongly recommend you look into (especially in light of Google cracking down on scraper-based rank trackers for violating their terms of service).

Content marketing for the LOHAS demographic

Content Marketing (creation and syndication of original content in order to attract and engage with consumers) is a fairly trend idea right now in the internet marketing world, and for good reason. Over time, SEO has become less about “gaming” Google and more about playing by the rules better than everyone else by offering relevant, useful information to searchers. But getting started with content marketing in a niche you are unfamiliar with can be difficult (certainly more difficult than purely technical SEO).

Google evaluates reading level?!?

The classifications are intended to describe the level of reading comprehension needed to understand the content on the page. For example, scientific research papers would be more likely to end up classified as Advanced, while you would expect a website targeted at kids to be classified as Basic.