How a local dental office gained 267% more page one rankings with SEO

Dentistry is a highly competitive industry on both a national and local level. It can be difficult for dentists to cut through the clutter and become more visible online, especially when they have limited time to focus on marketing efforts. 

This is where hiring an SEO agency to take over can be beneficial. An experienced digital marketing team can identify opportunities for improvement, create new content, and make ongoing optimizations that drive more qualified organic traffic — and new patients.

Why SEO is important for dentists

SEO uses a variety of specialized tactics — including on-page optimization, link building, and both technical and content optimization — to improve a website’s organic (non-paid) rankings in the search results. 

Dentists who operate in crowded local markets face stiff competition for those top rankings. A solid SEO strategy can help give them the edge they need.

Even bumping up one or two spots in the search results can make a big difference to your organic visibility and click-through rate; according to Search Engine Land, the first, second, and third organic search results have average click-through rates of 28%, 15%, and 11%, respectively. These averages continue to get smaller with each subsequent position.

Successful SEO for dentists 

DGY Dentistry Ann Arbor approached Pure Visibility with the goal of increasing its online visibility and attracting more patients in the competitive Ann Arbor market. 

We began the process with a thorough SEO audit to identify and prioritize the biggest opportunities for improvement. Our team collaborated with the website’s developers to clean up technical issues and optimized local platforms to make sure information about the dental office was accurate, accessible, and tailored to the local community. 

With a solid technical foundation in place, we moved ahead with strategic content creation to fill every stage of the marketing funnel and rank for additional keywords. Broad educational blogs were used to raise brand awareness, while content focused on the dental office’s differentiators helped nurture leads that had moved closer to conversion. 

This combination of efforts gained traction and built on each other over time. In one year, first page rankings had risen 267%, which drove 35% more organic sessions year over year. Most importantly, our SEO didn’t just drive more traffic, it drove more qualified traffic; the organic conversion rate rose above 4% and our client reported an increase in calls from new patients.

Strategic SEO can get local businesses the leads they need

Companies with local service areas need to invest in marketing to stay competitive and keep their brand top of mind. A strategic SEO plan is a cost-effective and efficient way to boost organic visibility and drive more qualified leads. 

Is your company struggling to get the leads it needs? Contact us today for a free SEO evaluation.

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