How a property management company signed 225% more leases with SEO and digital advertising

Property management companies often operate in aggressive markets. Properties face stiff competition for organic visibility and a higher cost to advertise online.

These companies need to be both strategic with their digital advertising and follow SEO best practices to maximize their visibility in the search results. An experienced agency can help tailor your efforts for each property and make the most of your marketing budget.

Why niche targeting is important

Highly competitive fields can drive up the cost of digital advertising and make it significantly harder to rank well in organic search results. Companies worried about competing in an aggressive market can benefit when they break down their existing market into niche subgroups. 

When you narrow your targeting, you can hyper-focus on the people most likely to convert and create content — whether that is product pages, blogs, or ad copy — that speaks to their specific pain points. Done correctly, niche marketing helps ensure that your budget is being spent where it will have the most impact.

SEO and advertising in a competitive market

Windsor Communities came to Pure Visibility with a goal of increasing leasing in several key markets. Although the property management company had a reputation for excellence in rental properties, it struggled to be visible among more established competitors. A strategic mix of SEO and digital advertising was needed to move the needle and help them stand out. 

Our team of digital marketers tackled the problem with a combination of digital marketing tactics: SEO and digital advertising.


Pure Visibility’s SEO experts worked on implementing on-page best practices across the website and leveraging a combination of local search strategies. A focus on regional terms helped boost the company’s visibility in local markets and drive more qualified traffic.

Digital advertising

Our digital advertising efforts also emphasized niche markets with highly-targeted social media campaigns that appealed to regional audiences. Paid search campaigns were similarly optimized by using negative keywords to maintain brand integrity, and adjusted as needed. 

By narrowing the focus on our efforts, we were able to boost Windsor Communities’ performance across the board, including a 225% increase in leases.

Niche targeting can help you make the most of your digital marketing budget

By narrowing your targeting in competitive markets, you can focus on the audience most likely to convert and create content tailored to their specific pain points. This helps increase your online visibility while making the most of your marketing budget. 

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