Google Analytics multi-channel funnel – four-item Venn diagram is misleading

So, we’re thrilled with Google Analytics’ addition of multi-channel funnel analysis. Google Analytics has a great price – free! – and the addition of advanced features is wonderful for us and our clients.

Why? Multi-channel funnel analysis can show how marketing campaigns interact with each other to influence behavior and the all-important leads and sales that power our clients’ businesses.

Google Analytics: GDN impressions now available!

Just earlier today, Google announced it will soon be reporting ad impressions from the Google Display Network, or GDN, in Google Analytics under the Multi-Channel Funnels report. This new feature is an effort by Google to give google display network advertisers visibility as to how their unclicked ads have an effect on users who eventually convert. Conveniently for Google, it will show advertisers and/or their clients how lucrative advertising in the GDN can be.

Google Analytics content experiments with templates

Google recently discontinued Google Website Optimizer (GWO) and replaced it with Analytics Content Experiments. Unlike GWO, Content Experiments does not have an option for multi-variate experiments, only allowing A/B tests. Multivariate experiments usually did not collect enough data to finish in a reasonable time period, unless you defined a conversion as an intermediate step to a sale.

Google AdWords and R

R is a programming environment that implements the S language. It is typically used for statistical analysis. Unlike MATLAB, R is free! Anyone can download and get started with documentation — and the price is right. If you manage a Google AdWords account, or are generally interested in analyzing statistics about your website, R has plenty of built in functionality to help U analyze experiment data.