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Pay Per Click Services

Starting an AdWords campaign is easy. Using it as a tool to grow your business is not. That is where Pure Visibility comes in, with our pay per click services.

We are a pay per click (PPC) management company that sets up and optimizes paid search campaigns in Google AdWords, as well as other programs including Yahoo! Search Marketing, Bing Ads (formerly Microsoft adCenter), and social media paid search campaigns. Find out what our PPC services can do for your business.

Pay Per Click Advertising Setup and Optimization

As a certified Google AdWords partner and pay per click consultants, our pay per click services can help you:

    • Start a paid search advertising campaign.
    • Lower the cost of your PPC campaign.
    • Get more clicks on your ads.
    • Optimize your budgets so your ads show throughout peak periods.
    • Define, setup, and measure goals for your campaign.
    • Calculate the return on investment (ROI) of your advertising.

Our goal is to generate more leads and sales, at the most efficient price possible.Pure Visibility is an AdWords Qualified Company, but as one of the top AdWords management companies and PPC consultants, our expertise extends beyond this standard. For us, managing your campaign is about more than just maintaining your keywords.

We put a variety of disciplines together to make that happen, including word market analysis, usability best practices, and statistical analysis – just to name a few!

Our Pay Per Click Services

Pure Visibility’s certified Google Advertising Professional analysts have years of experience, and they take the time to carefully analyze both your paid search campaign and your business. No matter what the size of your pay per click campaign, our PPC services will help you get the most value from it.

Our PPC AdWords experts will:

  • Work with you to identify key ROI and traffic goals.
  • Ensure proper tracking is in place to allow us to manage your campaigns efficiently and effectively.
  • Analyze and test your campaign to ensure that you are bidding the right amount of money on the right keywords to maximize your returns.
  • Locate keywords that you have not uncovered and weed out the poor performers from the keywords on which you currently bid.
  • Analyze and improve your landing pages and contact forms to turn visitors into sales or leads.
  • Refine what you are doing, over time, to increase conversions (sales) and reduce costs long term.

Pure Visibility is an AdWords management company that does not rely on guesswork or intuition. In helping you, we combine our marketing knowledge and experience with proven analysis methods to show you results.

Read more about Pure Visibility’s AdWords management services. For more information on pay per click advertising, we have a large collection of pay per click posts in our Internet marketing blog.

The Basics of Pay Per Click Advertising

Google, Yahoo!, and other search engines offer advertising spots in their results pages that look similar to regular listings. These spots appear in the top, right, and bottom margins of search engine results pages. Pay per click ads look similar to “natural” listings – the unpaid listings in the middle of search engine results pages.

The main difference between “natural” listings and paid listings is advertisers pay a specific amount whenever a user clicks on a paid listing’s link (hence the name “pay per click”).

To get high rankings in the “natural” listings on the search engine results pages requires search engine optimization. To get visible immediately on the first page of a search engine (with your target search keywords) takes a pay per click campaign.

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