Social media leads to long tail digital engagement for a multinational food service company.

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Social media & paid search work together to increase engagement

Social media & paid search work together to increase engagement

Pure Visibility helped Heinz Foodservice increase thought leadership by implementing a promoted Facebook posts campaign supported by paid search advertisements. Gains made during the first six weeks of advertising continued to affect Heinz’s social media reach, increasing the number of new likes and shares of their Facebook page and its content for at least one year after the campaign ended.

Company Background

Heinz Food Service provides food preparation professionals and culinary industry experts with the tools, insights, and ingredients to create a wide variety of delicious meals and creations. Heinz was looking to increase customer engagement with its brand image, while also promoting new uses of their products.

Our Recommendations

We knew that running promoted Facebook posts targeted at both current and potential fans of Heinz would be the most effective way to achieve their goals. We supported the social media strategy with personalized paid search campaigns via Google and Bing, aimed at generating page views, conversions, and other forms of increased consumer engagement with the Heinz Foodservice brand.


Pure Visibility recognized that targeting users within the culinary industry would be the most effective way to familiarize a fresh customer base with the Heinz brand, and the figures show that our strategies for implementing a mix of social media and paid search were undoubtedly successful.

Within one year, Pure Visibility’s strategy helped Heinz Foodservice to:

Social media impressions
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Increased shares & likes
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Increased conversions
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Saved per conversion