Search Engine Optimization Plans

Boost your website to attract and retain qualified organic traffic. Our SEO packages include a combination of proven SEO tactics.

The most obvious goal of SEO is to drive traffic to your website, but even more important is attracting the right visitors. A sound organic search strategy will help improve your conversion rates, not just pageviews.

It's time to upgrade your SEO!

Our SEO packages are a cost-effective and efficient solution to low rankings and organic traffic. Each six-month plan includes a dedicated project manager, comprehensive SEO Audit, and monthly block of hours for SEO tasks. We prioritize our recommendations to make the most impact and ensure your resources are not wasted with trial and error.

How it works:

Our SEO packages include everything you need to improve your organic visibility.

“Pure Visibility has provided us with excellent SEO support, including website audits, keyword research, and content creation. This effort has helped our overall organic traffic increase by 156% year-over-year.”

Jackie Tihanyi, Fisher Unitech

Discovery for SEO Packages


We begin with a detailed intake survey and discovery session with your team.

  • We learn about your business offerings, goals, and target audience, as well as your team’s capacity.
  • This allows us to focus on the optimizations that will have the greatest impact on your rankings and traffic.
SEO Website Audit

Visibility Audit

Our experts perform a comprehensive Visibility Audit of your website.

  • Our Visibility Audit includes a review of traffic quantity and quality, technical SEO, content optimization, backlinks, mobile-friendliness, and analytics.
  • We also look at your top competitors’ websites to see how yours stacks up.
SEO Audit Results

Audit Report

We present our findings and recommendations to your team.

  • We score each area audited, so you know what elements of your site are effective and what are not.
  • We break down our recommendations into prioritized task lists for your team, so you’ll know exactly where to focus your resources.
SEO Tools


Our experts work closely with your team to tackle the issues identified.

  • The monthly hours included in your plan will be allocated for our work on specific SEO tasks.
  • This includes activities, such as keyword research, on-page SEO, 301 redirects, and content improvements, as well as general consultation.
Updates on Your SEO Improvement

Monthly Updates

All along, we keep you informed on your gains in digital visibility.

  • Once a month, we provide a custom report that is tailored to your business goals.
  • You’ll get a complete picture of your website’s improvements in search that all levels of your organization can understand.
SEO Website Check

6-Month SEO Checkup

You’ll clearly see the improvements to your rankings and traffic after six months. 

  • After six months, we recheck key areas of your website, such as traffic, rankings, and indexation.
  • Using your Visibility Audit scores as a benchmark, we clearly show the return on SEO Upgrade efforts and your website’s gains in digital visibility.

Our unique approach to SEO

You’ll get more qualified leads from your website when you work with a team of digital marketing experts who put your business goals ahead of generic tactics. We work closely with your team to define your marketing goals before beginning a comprehensive and proprietary audit of your website. This Visibility Audit includes a review of:

  • traffic quality
  • trends and top sources
  • a technical SEO audit 
  • content audit and page performance review
  • backlink audit
  • local and mobile-friendliness check
  • an analytics audit
  • competitive review 

Unlike the auto-generated recommendations of other SEO audits, our unique process uses industry-standard applications and your own Google Analytics and Search Console data to glean deeper insight into your website’s performance.

Using this information, our SEO team makes recommendations specific to your industry, goals, and website. You get a comprehensive report detailing our findings, recommendations, and best practices. We break down our findings into an easy-to-follow prioritized task list, which we use to guide our ongoing SEO work to reach your business goals.

SEO Upgrade Plans


Polish Up

Find & fix the issues that undermine your SEO.
$3000per month for 6 months*

Perfect for smaller websites, this minimalist plan will uncover and address issues that hinder growth. Our SEO experts will prioritize monthly tasks to make the most of your hours and maximize your ranking potential.

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Tune Up

Improve your rankings, increase qualified traffic.
$4000per month for 6 months*

This mid-range SEO package allows for more collaboration and time-intensive SEO tasks—including content creation— that can make even bigger improvements to your rankings and qualified traffic.

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Level Up

Make significant gains in your search performance.
$5000per month for 6 months*

Our most comprehensive package is well-suited for businesses that want to make significant gains in their search performance and require a more strategic approach. We provide much-needed support to small marketing teams to help break through the noise in highly competitive markets.

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What’s included in each SEO Upgrade plan.​

Our SEO Upgrade plans are built on more than a decade’s experience helping businesses reach their digital visibility goals. We’ve packed each plan with the elements needed to make significant gains in keyword rankings and traffic, which will increase your website’s ability to generate qualified leads and sales.

 Polish UpTune UpLevel Up
Project Manager
Your single point of contact who coordinates and reports on all SEO Upgrade activities. A project manager will clearly communicate project progress and ensure that everything runs smoothly.
A detailed survey followed by a 1 - 2 hour working session facilitated by your project manager. Discovery helps us learn about your business goals so we can focus our SEO efforts on getting the results you deserve.
Visibility Audit
A comprehensive SEO audit of your website, covering all factors that influence your SEO. This includes a review of website traffic, page performance, keyword rankings, technical SEO elements, backlinks, local SEO, mobile-friendliness and a competitive market share analysis.
Audit Report & Task Lists
A presentation of our findings for each area. We break down our recommendations into prioritized task lists for your team, so you’ll know exactly where to focus your resources.
6-Month SEO Checkup
A comparison of key metrics after 6 months with benchmarks from your Visibility Audit.
Task Hours
Monthly hours available for completing specific SEO tasks and consultation, with a focus on issues identified in our prioritized checklist. This can include SEO tasks such as on-page optimization, keyword research, technical optimization, and content creation.
up to 10 hours/monthup to 15 hours/monthup to 20 hours/month
COST$3000 /month
for 6 months
$4000 /month
for 6 months
$5000 /month
for 6 months

FINE PRINT: Plan pricing is for a 6-month commitment, for websites with 2000 pages or fewer. Monthly hours do not roll over. Additional hours will be billed at $200/hour. If engagement with Pure Visibility continues past 6 months, monthly hours will be recalculated at our regular rate of $200/hour.

We were surprised to discover that there were different keywords that resonated with our clients. We were able to take these keyword findings and not only use them within our search engine marketing, but also our offline marketing, making our messaging overall improved.


Pure Visibility provided game-changing information that steadied our course and allowed us to maintain our superior search engine ranking.

GreenPath Financial Wellness

Donna Dickerson

Conversions doubled within the first month after we implemented the new, optimized site layout Pure Visibility recommended.

Attendance on Demand

The biggest benefit of working with Pure Visibility is that we have more traffic visiting our site every day, and we are monitoring conversion rates to make sure that traffic is productive. Being able to track our online efforts, turn those leads over to our sales force, then see the increase in sold products is very exciting.

Attendance on Demand

We couldn’t be any more pleased with the results of the audit, and even more so with the PV team. What a group!!


From an ROI standpoint, our Google AdWords campaign’s performance improved about 200% within the first three months we began working with Pure Visibility.


The results of working with Pure Visibility are pretty easily measured; the most material one is the 72% decrease in cost of customer acquisition.

Software Company

I wanted to thank everyone for all of your hard work in helping our web presence. What a difference since working with all of you!
Keep up the good work! Let’s continue to climb the charts.

DGY Dentistry

Dr. Zerrin Yilmaz

Pure Visibility has provided us with excellent SEO support, including website audits, keyword research, and content creation. This effort has helped our overall organic traffic increase by 156% year-over-year.

Fisher Unitech

Jackie Tihanyi

Very engaging, extremely knowledgeable and [they] do a great job answering the question you’re trying to ask – even if you didn’t ask the right question.

Service Brands International

Charley Vlietstra

We began seeing ROI on our Google Ads within two months of working with Pure Visibility. They continue to demonstrate their wealth of knowledge and have been a pleasure to work with. We are a small company and Pure Visibility was willing to work with us when a lot of other companies wouldn’t.


Lauren Webster

Pure Visibility is a very positive, culture-driven organization. Clearly the people within the company like and respect each other, they have a transparent environment, which means you as a client have a transparent environment with them.

MCCI Integrated Marketing

Which SEO Plan is right for your business?

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