Why Do Website Relaunches Fail?

Often, because top-performing content is unknowingly removed, rewritten, or buried, and effective SEO elements are not preserved.

No one goes into a website design intending for it to be less than a success. Especially not the website owner, but no less the designers, developers, and agencies responsible for the new website. Despite this, our SEO experts continue to get urgent requests from businesses after a recent website relaunch has unexpectedly caused a loss in traffic and conversions.

Take the guesswork out of your next redesign.

We developed our Redesign SEO Protection plans to help companies avoid an unsuccessful relaunch altogether. Our goal is to take the guesswork out of the redesign process and protect your investment by preventing the types of costly problems associated with ranking and traffic loss.

Typical website rankings drop after relaunch.

Typical Website Relaunch: Nearly 50% loss in keyword rankings and 6 months to recover. 

Minimal dip in rankings with Redesign SEO Protection

With Redesign SEO Protection: Small dip in rankings (10-20%) and quick recovery. 

Why Redesign SEO Protection works:

Compare a typical website redesign with one using Redesign SEO Protection.

 Typical Website RedesignsWith Redesign SEO Protection
Website AuditAn audit may be performed, but developers often rely on the auto-generated results of a single (and often free) tool and its generic recommendations.We collect data from several sources, using various industry-standard applications. Our experts analyze and evaluate it in light of the information gleaned through your discovery session to create custom recommendations for your website.
Content & StructureNeedless and detrimental changes to the structure and content of a website are often made for design reasons, without a full understanding of how they will negatively impact SEO.We provide recommendations for improving your website structure and content only when it will benefit your traffic and rankings. If changes must be made for business or UX reasons, we ensure a plan is in place to mitigate likely SEO issues.
RedirectsThe process of redirecting traffic for any URLs that are changing often gets overlooked. This results in broken links to the new website.We identify all pages that will require 301 redirects to keep traffic flowing. Our experts can assist with writing redirects and will make sure they are properly set up for relaunch.
On-page SEOAutomated data migrations are often used to transfer content from the old website to the new one, but this process often leaves valuable SEO tags behind. WordPress and other CMSs will replace the lost info with useless, auto-generated tags.Keeping the successful SEO elements of your website is a top priority and we will work with your developers to ensure optimized tags are not lost in migration. We will also identify pages that can benefit from SEO improvements and make recommendations.
Technical SEOSmall technical details that have a significant effect on a website’s ability to be indexed and rank well are overlooked because developers are focused on functionality or look and feel.We specifically check critical technical elements during development and immediately before launch, to prevent any indexation issues or ranking penalties.
Post-launch RankingsBusinesses who engage us after a failed relaunch had nearly a 50% loss in keyword rankings, and it took and average of 6 months to recover.Clients who work with us throughout the redesign process experience only a small dip in rankings, about 10-20%, and have a quick recovery, within weeks not months. 
SEO ExpertiseThe expert designers and developers working on your website aren’t necessarily experts in SEO.Our team is comprised of career SEO experts; this is all they do.

Website Redesign SEO Protection pays for itself.

If you’ve experienced a significant loss in traffic and rankings after a relaunch, you know the financial toll compounds weekly. Outside the immediate cost of figuring out what went wrong and fixing it, the loss in revenue when traffic drops is the real burden. Once your website’s search rankings are lost, it takes months to rebuild them.

Safeguard your website SEO

Safeguard your website.

Protect your new website from devastating traffic and revenue loss.

Avoid unplanned and costly repairs

Avoid unplanned costs.

Prevent expensive and unplanned development fixes after relaunch.

Relaunch a website optimized for growth

Relaunch for growth.

Be ahead of the game with a website optimized for growth from day one.

Redesign your website with confidence!

A Website Redesign Audit will help you eliminate the guesswork of planning, reduce stress on your team, and allow you to relaunch your new website with confidence! Fill out our form to find out more.

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