Introducing Our Free Guide to SEO for Website Redesign

If it looks like a website redesign is going to be on your docket during the next twelve months, you’re in luck! Allow us to introduce Don’t Lose It!, our free, downloadable guide to help you “keep your search rankings and organic traffic the next time you redesign your website.”

If you’ve been following our blog, you know we’ve been discussing website redesigns quite a lot. And, for good reason—we’ve helped many businesses rebuild their digital visibility after a website relaunch took its toll on their rankings, traffic, and subsequent leads and sales. The frustrating part for us is that such a loss can be almost entirely avoided by taking simple, preventive measures when redesigning a website. So we decided to blog about it.

Now we have taken all that good information, which was spread across half-a-dozen different blog posts, and packed it into a single, downloadable guide. While doing this, we’ve refined and expanded it, updated the checklists, and added a whole slew of tools and resources. The result is nearly 60 pages of expert SEO advice, designed to act as “your trusted SEO advocate” throughout each phase of your redesign. Don’t Lose It! will help you to do the following:

  • Decide if your website truly needs a full redesign.
  • Understand what elements of your current website drive your rankings and traffic.
  • Create a plan to preserve those elements through the website redesign process.
  • Know what questions to ask your developers in regards to your SEO and when to ask them.
  • Plan a digital advertising campaign to supplement your relaunch.
  • Launch your new website with minimal detrimental effects on your visibility.
  • Monitor your new website for search indexation issues, and quickly address any that arise.

Don’t Lose It! has been a labor of love for our team. If you are even considering a website redesign in 2019, we hope you’ll download it, read it, share it, and put it to good use in the months ahead.

Photo credit: beautiful photography from Dayton, OH – Leah Kelley

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