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Google Elevator

Going Up! We’ve been invited to be part of Google Elevator

I’m excited and honored to announce that I’ve been invited to take part in Elevator, Google’s new and exclusive business accelerator program for select Google Partner businesses. We’ve been working on so many things here at Pure Visibility, the opportunity couldn’t come at a better time!

I’ll be eagerly joining executives from across the region to attend the Elevator launch event in Chicago, later this month. We’re in for a full-day of training, strategic planning, and networking, which will be followed by four months of individualized, one-on-one business coaching.

Pure Visibility is proud to be one of the first round of companies in North America to be invited to participate in Elevator. As a Google Premier Partner, we’ve been able to take advantage of many exclusive benefits from the search giant, but Elevator goes a step beyond. This is such an amazing opportunity for me to personally extract knowledge from the biggest force in digital marketing. And, another way to keep us at the cutting edge of the industry, and provide the best possible services to our clients.

Stay tuned for more innovation from Pure Visibility!

Check out our press release: Pure Visibility Selected for Google Elevator Program

Frequent speaker, author, and widely-recognized expert on internet marketing, Linda is co-founder & CEO of Pure Visibility.

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