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How Pure Visibility Attracts And Engages Awesome Employees

In early September, I moved from sunny San Diego, California to Ann Arbor, Michigan. After three years of work experience, I determined that working for an organization that shared my values of sustainability, social responsibility, flexibility and fun was essential to my career happiness (especially since lunch breaks with an ocean view were no longer an option).

As a sustainability

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A Recount of My First Month at Pure Visibility

It’s exciting to say, with conviction, I made it through my first full month at Pure Visibility.  To the hearty veterans in this line of work, this is nothing more than a small blip on the radar of milestones.  Being excited about milestones, no matter how small, gives me a chance to quantify my experiences.  Within just one short

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Why You Win At Pub Trivia, Even When You Lose

As of late, I’d use any word except “consistent” to describe my life (new position at Pure Visibility, new apartment, the list goes on).  What does remain an unwavering constant, however, is my time spent attending trivia at a local bar every single Wednesday.  There are those that would deem this quite low on the priority list.  To my

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The Start of a Journey in Digital Marketing

One year ago I was a business student vaguely interested in digital marketing. I had been reading many ROI success stories in various business journals where companies used Search Engine Marketing and wanted to know more. I had worked with social media in the past, but I was interested in enhancing my knowledge in other sectors of digital marketing.


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