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Pay Per Click Essentials

The results of launching a paid search campaign can be seen virtually instantaneously, making it an easy marketing investment for many businesses. Having a basic understanding of how pay per click campaigns function is essential for making sure ad dollars are well spent and deliver results in line with your business’s marketing goals. We’ve put together a short

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Book of the week: Thinking, Fast and Slow

Integrated digital marketing is an ever-changing field. Our field is competitive, and technology, competitors, and a kaleidoscope of tactics keep us all on our toes. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. “Learn and Teach” is one of Pure Visibility’s core values, and someone who wants to work on our team without a love of learning

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Pure Visibility greens our Commute with GetDowntown

Here in Ann Arbor, MI, Pure Visibility benefits from the GetDowntown program. Among other perks, GetDowntown gives us low-cost annual bus passes for our employees to help them get to work in a lower-impact way than driving, avoid the hassles of parking downtown, yet still enjoy the benefits of our downtown office.

GetDowntown also has two annual challenges

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Daily motivation with DayScore

Some background: I’m kind of a productivity freak. I go to sleep happy when I know I got a lot done that day. And as a result, I’ve tried out pretty much every productivity tool known to the internet, from advanced to-do lists like ToodleDo to goal-tracking software like GoalsOnTrack. But my recent fascination is with

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Cloud Collaboration with Google Docs

Collaborating In The Cloud
As an agency involved in integrated online marketing, much of our work here at Pure Visibility requires working with our clients on certain tasks. By that I mean that many project’s success depends on:

Our clients ability and willingness to implement our recommendations
Our (PV’s) ability to define clear tasks, ownership and expectations clearly

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