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The Start of a Journey in Digital Marketing

One year ago I was a business student vaguely interested in digital marketing. I had been reading many ROI success stories in various business journals where companies used Search Engine Marketing and wanted to know more. I had worked with social media in the past, but I was interested in enhancing my knowledge in other sectors of digital marketing.


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Women and Girls in the Tech Industry

Although we’re a woman-owned business here at Pure Visibility, we’ve historically had more men than women working here at any given time.  However, the tables have begun to turn.  Just two months ago, our staff had reached an even balance of men and women; now, as we happily welcome two new project managers to the team, women

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Internship Defined

Some of the first thoughts that came to my mind when I thought “internship” just a few short months ago included, making coffee, scanning papers, running errands, job shadowing and unnecessary busy work. These negative connotations I associated with that ten-letter word came from the movies and TV shows I watched while growing up. It seemed as if interns

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Grey Hat SEO Part 1: Building Links from Wikipedia

Whenever I give a seminar on linkbuilding or construct an off-site strategy for a client, invariably the topic of getting links on Wikipedia comes up. And with good reason – Wikipedia is clearly one of the most visible websites in the world, with a mountain of content and Brobdingnagian domain authority.

“BUT WAIT,” you say, “those links you place on

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HabitRPG: Level Up your Productivity

So as you might be able to tell from some of my previous blog posts, I’m kind of a productivity freak. I’ve tried every to-do and goal-tracking app on the market. But somehow I missed the one that has become my new favorite and borderline obsession: HabitRPG.
So what is HabitRPG?
HabitRPG is an open-source

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