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Content Marketing (creation and syndication of original content in order to attract and engage with consumers) is a fairly trend idea right now in the internet marketing world, and for good reason. Over time, SEO has become less about “gaming”...

Google recently discontinued Google Website Optimizer (GWO) and replaced it with Analytics Content Experiments. Unlike GWO, Content Experiments does not have an option for multi-variate experiments, only allowing A/B tests. Multivariate experiments usually did not collect enough data to finish...

R is a programming environment that implements the S language. It is typically used for statistical analysis. Unlike MATLAB, R is free! Anyone can download and get started with documentation — and the price is right. If you manage a...

Reddit’s engineers are actively ensuring that companies who wish to bypass the community aspect of the website and only promote themselves are prevented from doing so. If their algorithm thinks your account is too spammy or self-promoting, they will blacklist...

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