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Case Study: Compuware

Facebook advertising decreases comparative cost per lead for IT software provider.
Pure Visibility / Driven by Results / Case Study: Compuware

After much success with traditional SEO and pay-per-click marketing, Compuware wanted to explore the viability of advertising through social media to generate leads for one of its business software products.

Company Background

Compuware is a software company, formed in 1973. Compuware has offices on 4 continents, but they are centered in Detroit, Michigan.  Their many software products have helped IT departments in 46 of the top 50 Fortune 500 companies with mainframe editing, management, error resolution, and automation, as well as data privacy and productivity. Compuware’s provided services run the technical gamut, from testing and analysis to performance management.

After Pure Visibility’s continued management of Compuware’s SEO, analytics, and pay-per-click advertising, Compuware wanted to take the next step. They approached Pure Visibility to create a forward-thinking social media campaign, and Pure Visibility used their existing research on Compuware’s target audience to do just that.

Our Recommendations

Pure Visibility recommended a Facebook advertising campaign that used demographic targeting to reach Compuware’s most valuable prospects: males above 30 with careers in web development. Despite the popularity of LinkedIn as a social media platform for business and business services, Pure Visibility recommended a Facebook-centric focus due to Facebook’s popularity within Compuware’s target audience.

Pure Visibility crafted a compelling, yet succinct message in Compuware’s Facebook advertisements, finding that a simple call to action with a free trial offer was more successful at converting their prospects than a traditional website landing page.


Within six weeks, Compuware saw:


new leads per month



a 50% decrease in cost per lead when comparing Facebook advertisements to search engine advertisements

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