A telecommunications services provider’s online catalog launch is bolstered by search engine optimization.

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Brand awareness and new online store bolstered by SEO

Brand awareness and new online store bolstered by SEO

Teltech reached out to Pure Visibility for help in promoting online awareness of their brand. Pure Visibility increased Teltech’s online presence by using search engine optimization, helping them emphasize their unique approach to telecommunications.

Company Background

Teltech are a worldwide supplier of green solutions for network, wireless, and wireline equipment and related services. Created to solve chronic problems impacting clients in the telecommunications industry, they are committed to upholding their core values, including accountability, perseverance and self improvement, among others.

Teltech’s goals were to:

  • launch their new online catalog,
  • provide a way for customers to access in-house product lists,
  • tie all existing Teltech companies together as a unified entity.
Our Recommendations

We recommended the use of search engine optimization to increase visibility and create a lasting impression on Teltech’s potential customers. This approach addressed all of their goals with strategic keyword analysis, content creation,  user experience analysis and other ongoing techniques.


Within six weeks of implementing Pure Visibility’s recommendations, Teltech saw:

+ 0 %
Increased traffic
+ 0 %
Increased search rank