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Case Study: Priorclave North America

SEO helps a medical/scientific equipment supplier break into the North American market.
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Priorclave, a UK-based company, was interested in breaking into the North American autoclave market, already dominated by larger corporations. Pure Visibility used SEO to increase their web presence, which led to a rise in organic traffic and leads.

Company Background

Priorclave is a medical supply company based in the United Kingdom. They have been an industry leader on their home turf for more than 25 years, manufacturing more more than 60 different autoclave models and able to build custom autoclaves to order.

Market analyses indicated that the move into the North American market would require significant and lasting efforts toward increasing Priorclave’s online visibility. And that’s where PV came in.

Our Recommendations

We recommended the use of search engine optimization (SEO) to increase visibility of Priorclave to potential customers. The main advantage of SEO is the longevity of effects from actions taken and content generated. In short, once you have begun optimizing a website, gains may seem slow in coming, but they last for a longer time than those seen from advertising alone.


With the help of Pure Visibility, within 2 years Priorclave saw:

Traffic Increase

Priorclave’s Year over Year traffic increased by 70%.


Increased Conversions

Priorclave’s conversions from organic traffic increased by 15%.

Lead Generation

Priorclave’s Year over Year leads generated by organic traffic rose by 90%.

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