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Case Study: Alro Steel

Organic search optimization generates qualified leads for a B2B manufacturing firm.
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Alro Steel, an industrial distributor of metals, plastics, and supplies, wanted their website to reach its full potential. Their goals were to increase the visibility and effectiveness of their website to attract business. Alro Steel and Pure Visibility teamed up to initiate search engine optimization (SEO) to draw potential customer attention to the website.

Company Background

Brothers Albert and Robert Glick founded Alro Steel Corporation in Jackson, Michigan during 1948.  The company has been hard at work ever since, embodying its core values of Integrity, Loyalty, and Honesty.  It is now a supplier of metals, plastics, industrial supplies, and processing services for these materials in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

Alro Steel needed its website to become more of an asset, supporting business in the digital world. In other words, they wanted to increase awareness of their business online, traffic on their website and conversions through purchases online.

Our Recommendations

We began with an SEO technical audit in order to assess Alro Steel’s website.  Factors such as organic visibility and mobile usability, among others, were examined in order to produce a thorough plan of action for Alro Steel that directly addressed their goals.

Our plan leveraged ways to polish and refine Alro Steel’s already-developed website in an effort to maximize the existing structure. We also implemented Google Analytics to track effectiveness of the recommended changes, enabling a more accurate measure of Return on Investment (ROI) for the project.


Alro Steel saw an increase in their organic rankings shortly after implementing Pure Visibility’s recommendations. Within six weeks of SEO implementation:


Keyword Rankings

68% of Alro’s keyword rankings improved an average of 15 ranks.


Search Volume

There were 190,330 searches related to Alro Steel.

Search Position

Alro Steel rose to an average ranking of 27.71 in related searches.

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